Monday, April 28, 2014

Plague Doctor: Steampunk Edition | April 2014

This past weekend was spent with my camera in hand which is the best way to spend it. The steampunk inspired plague doctor mask is a project that was co-created by me with my stepdad. After countless Fridays spent working in my parents garage and a lot of trips to the craft store we finally finished the costume creation portion. Coming up with the location was next and as there aren't a whole lot of abandoned places to fit the survivalist/steampunk vibe -- or not ones I've found yet -- we decided to go back to the domes in Casa Grande. To get there you technically have to trespass and step over a couple of lines of low set barbwire fencing. And after about 2 hours on location a passing police officer spotted us and we were told we weren't allowed to be there so we packed up and hit the road. 
I'm a fan of lines and when I saw these long trenches I knew I wanted to do some shots down them. 
I ♥ Elephants! 
This shot reminds me of something out of a movie.
Keeping watch.
Even in the end the sun still shone down.
I couldn't decide between B&W...
Or color. Which do you prefer? 
And the last one I took right as the cop was telling us we had to go. :)

A huge thank you to my model, Kit Wolfe and my co-creator & assistant on location, Will Wolfe.

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