Wednesday, January 29, 2014

San Francisco, California | August 2013

So sticking with the architecture type theme I thought I'd post the photos I did while I was in San Francisco this past August. First on my list being there was Alcatraz! Not only for the "abandoned" buildings -- using the word abandoned pretty loosely -- but for the history and chance for a paranormal encounter (which did not happen unfortunately haha). 
There were unfortunately a lot of buildings that we could not get into -- of course those are the ones I really wanted to see! 
 Looking out over the bay
 Can't have at least a couple HDR'd pictures when doing architecture. 
 This building is being taken over by nature again. 
I really love lines and vanishing points. These long corridors that were where the guards would walk to look down on the prisoners when they were in general population were amazing. 
 This was the morgue that was later repurposed as the generator room. 
 The window and radiator in the library. 
 Gun hole.
 Creepy little door under the stairs. 
 We stayed in Berkeley, California at a hotel on the marina. After a day spent in the city we got back in time for sunset. 
 Past the marina to the ocean to catch the sun going down. 
 While trying -- unsuccessfully to make it to the Golden Gate Bridge -- we walked along the coast. 
While San Francisco wasn't my favorite city, I prefer San Diego, it was quite the experience and was glad for the time spent with my mom and all of the new things that we got to see. 
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Abandoned Weekend | May 2013

Last May my husband and I went on a road trip to 2 Guns where it was foretold that there was an abandoned medieval zoo. The weekend turned out to be chock full of lovely, forgotten abandondness which I absolutely loved. There is nothing more lovely than finding forgotten and lonely buildings. 

A silent gas station -- except for the crunching of dirt under my feet and the occasional bird song. Not too long forgotten this modern building was open, airy, and bright. 

An additional semi modern building falling apart within walking distance of the gas station.

 I have an affinity for chairs ♥
 My inner nerd [while not a Star Wars nerd] loved that there was Stormtrooper  graffiti. 
 What is left of the mountain lion zoo. From the ruins it looked to have been quite the depressing roadside attraction. 
 And now for the third stop on this abandoned getaway: Twin Arrows. 
 A window facing a wall -- not a well thought out design. 
 Some very vibrant and beautiful graffiti hidden in a back corner. I almost missed this little gem. 
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