Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday Session 2015 | The Tatarski's

I am blessed to have not only great clients but phenomenal ones! When I was coming up empty on finding a location that fit a look other than one 45 minutes away this little family did some scouting themselves and found this little gem -- complete with trees, grass, coyotes, and even a frog! I never get tired of hanging out with them or working my tush off to get the elusive smile from Mr. T (we luckily had some Auntie help this go around!!) :) 
He's on the loose! hehe
I love these sweet moments!
Oh there's that smile :)

As always, thank you T family for the opportunity to capture your adorable family!! 

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Engagement | Natalie + Eric

I met Natalie over 2 years ago through our NAU cohort program. It's been such an honor to have met the girls (and guy) in my program and watch them as they progress through life. This adorable couple is getting ready to tie the knot next summer and I was so happy to have been able to capture their engagement photos. Congrats to them both!!
Seriously how gorgeous!
♥ Fave!
This location was picked by the couple and is very sentimental to Natalie especially. She's grown up vacationing here and has continually had her picture taken by this cactus as it's grown through her life so of course we had to end with it. 
Thank you to Natalie and Eric for not only meeting up with me to capture these but for being flexible and rescheduling from last weekend when we got rained out. I am so happy for you both and know you're going to have the most beautiful wedding day + marriage. 

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