Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy 6 Months! | Baby T

This little man holds a very special place in my heart. I've loved capturing such special moments in his life so far and can't wait to see what a fun little toddler he is going to be.
Happy 1/2 birthday baby T!
Someone was so excited to get naked!
Pretty great shirt!
His expressions are too much!
Loving his feet
Getting love bites from mama is pretty funny!!
Definitely loved deeply by his daddy and mama ♥
Cute little baby booty.
I think someone spotted the balloons!
I guess I know what he thinks of all these photos haha
Oh just hanging around...
Snack break
How to get a baby excited about photos? Have someone walking by with a dog hang out behind us for a little bit. haha
Cutest little toseies!
Knee-high to a grasshopper? 
A huge thank you to the Tatarski family for not only having me capture this milestone but for being so awesome and flexible when plan a was a total bust! 

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sunrise with Raay Francy | March 2015

I awoke this morning while it was still dark, something that I don't normally make a habit of doing on a weekend. I knew I wanted to do a girly shoot in the soft morning light though. I drive by this area nearly everyday on my way into my internship and loved the way it looked in the morning. The next step was to find someone who would want to meet up and make it happen. And within just a few weeks this beautiful girl (inside & out I might add) posted in a modeling group I am apart of that she was looking for a photographer to work with. And just like that we started talking and making the plan to meet up! 
The light was beautiful this morning. 
Could this girl be any more photogenic? 
Flower child.
My absolute favorite. ♥
She's a huntress.
That smile is infectious, let me tell you.
A huge thank you to the wonderfully amazing Raay for coming out at the crack of dawn to work with me! 

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