Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Michelle | November 2012

Michelle is a local photographer here in Phoenix who specializes in fashion photography. She asked me to do some photos of her and I was really honored to do them. We agreed that downtown was a perfect location for the urban style she wanted.  
So we got in trouble for using these stairs that were to a church. So there is only one. :)
While shooting outside the library this man asked if he could have his picture taken too. I was all too happy to capture his infectious smile! 
Something about this statue spoke to me. 
Rooftop pools & city skylines.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Senior Pictures | Alex

I met Alex while taking my English 101 and 102 classes. She was a high school student getting dual credits at the local community college -- smarty pants much? haha So when it came time for her to graduate from high school I offered to do her senior pictures and was really excited to capture this special time in her life. 
I love when my clients are comfortable in front of the lens. I know it can be awkward and a little hard to act natural.
When there is a LOVE sculpture you use the LOVE sculpture :)
And the best way to finish? With a good, natural laugh! 

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

La Jolla, California | August 2013

I had only about a week and a half between the end of my summer classes and the start of my fall classes and I knew that I needed to fit in a visit to the ocean in that time. So I wrangled up my stepdad and we went on a beach bum vacation for a couple of days. We stayed at a really cheap but clean hotel less than a block away from the beach. The ocean is my center and it was a much needed trip.
Cute little bubble blower that we found scuttling around and ducking into little rock alcoves.
Not the best picture because I didn't have my polarizing filter but you can see the anemone under the surface of the tidepool.
Sunset on the beach in La Jolla, California.
I love found perfection. This shell with the bits of seagrass was just so perfect.
I've wanted to stop at the Yuma Territorial Prison the last few times I've driven to and from California so this time I convinced my stepdad to take a stop here. 
Anyone need a shave or haircut? This little gem was in a little "room" at the back of the prison grounds. 

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