Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Family Portrait | Jayla & Valorie 2012

It's a very surreal moment when a high school classmate messages you and wants you to do pictures for them and their growing daughter. It reminds you of how much time has passed and makes you feel old! haha 
I had such a blast meeting this little lady who was a little shy at first but warmed up and was so cute and funny. 
Look at those dimples! :) 
Mother & Daughter -- So sweet.
 I love natural laughing shots. I can't remember what was said but she couldn't stop cracking up.
 Being silly! 
 I think we've got a future model on our hands.
 Such a perfect last shot! ♥

I'm so appreciative to all of my clients and this one was no exception. It's so nice to see old classmates and meet their little ones. The crazy part is when Valorie and I met we were close to Jayla's age. 

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Newborn | Tyler Mayhem 2012

This tiny baby girl was my very first official newborn client and to date my only newborn girl --all of the rest have been baby boys! She was such a good and calm baby to have as my very first and am so lucky in that. I also knew her parents and they were so patient with me! If I could I would do newborn sessions everyday. ♥ 

Aw, that little pouty face. 
 Yawns and Stretches :)
 Peaking at me.
 A tiny girl and a tiny smile. 
 Big sister Page-Monroe
 Page is blurry but I absolutely love this shot. It captures her personality so perfectly. 
Everyone loves the baby feet ♥
Sweet dreams little girl. 

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