Saturday, December 3, 2016

Holiday 2016 | Campbell Family

I always love getting to see these smiley faces! I met up with the Campbell family for their holiday photo session in the middle of the desert -- well sort of, there was a road steps away from us but you'd never know. Now with two mobile kiddos under 3 years old it was definitely more of a work out this time around. Kudos to this mama for keeping up with them daily! 
Getting a little "engagement photo-esque" haha
I could die this is so stinkin' cute!
Just like mama.
Keeping it real
Thank you once again Campbell family for the greatest honor in preserving these moments! 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Holiday 2016 | Paluga Family

After last week falling through due to rain and other unforeseen circumstances and then this week having yet another cloudy and sprinkley day we were determined to brave it and see what happened. Luckily it only barely sprinkled on us and we were able to get some family shots! The last time I saw the P family little miss L wasn't yet earthside. So it was awesome to catch up and see everyone again. 
Someone is proving they're a great big sister!
If this tree isn't downright magical I don't know what is! 
Happy holidays to the P family & thank you once again for the honor of capturing your family! 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Holiday 2016 | Gikling Family

Flexibility and staying as creative as possible during a shoot is sometimes not only nice, refreshing, etc., but necessary. When working with two little dolls under the age of 3 it definitely keeps everyone pulling out all the stops! Being silly, singing songs, letting mom play photographer, and even letting big sister have a go at pressing the button -- whatever it takes. But in the end all I hope is that I can capture some moments that will be cherished and leave families with memories they can look back on with fondness and a smile. 
Is everyone looking at the camera? No. Is it posed and perfect? No. But that's just fine because its perfectly imperfect. 
Thank you to the Gikling family for this morning adventure in the desert. I hope that I was able to capture memories and smiles that you will love for years to come.