Friday, May 29, 2015

Phoenix Comicon 2015 | Friday

Today I went and spent a couple of hours at the Phoenix Comicon to look around, shop for some collectibles, and of course take some photos of great costumes and cosplays. 

This steampunk dress was so great.
I loved this one. She had such great detail to her outfit.
Hobbit cosplay...yes please :)
Thor & Thor
Twice the Batman 
Lady Ewoks
My grandfather as Carl from UP
Dorothy Laskowski as Leafeon 
Words cannot describe the excitement I felt when I saw these two!! 
The lovely Jaclyn Rene as Kaeli from Knightingtail Comics
Harley Quinn and Joker
Pyramid Head
A hot pink Chewie! YES!
Jack and Sally
Such a great Lelu
And then we chased down this gem! I've never seen my brother so excited haha 
The Belcher kids on the loose without Bob and Linda.
And ended the day with Maleficent :) 

Thank you to my mom for helping chase down these great cosplayers and asking them to pose for a photo. And to all the people featured here for their creativity and patience in their endless posing. :) 
If you are one of the featured photos please let me know so I can follow you on Facebook!! 

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Slide Rock Park + West Fork Trail | Sedona, Arizona

We got up to Sedona around 11:30, not as early as we'd hoped and tried to get into West Fork but the line to park was to the road and the lot was full. So we went down to Slide Rock Park first since I'd never been there. There we spent about 45 minute to an hour just walking along the river, as far up as you can. 
Bryan adjusting settings on his camera. 
After lunch we decided to attempt West Fork Trail again...This time with success! I was really happy that there was room at the trailhead to park since this is another trail I'd never been able to do in Sedona. 
In 2014 Sedona experienced one of the worst fires in recent memory and there are still some dangers...I think putting risk of death as the very first warning may be a bit on the extreme side however. :)
Before getting into the forest part of the trail there are some remnants of a once famous resort. This circular "window" was my favorite. 
Inside the old chicken coop.
The exterior of the chicken coop.
Bryan looking upstream.
Really cool rock shelf and curved wall. The photo doesn't do it justice. 
The crescent moon starting to make her appearance. 

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